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Just Can't Seem To Stop


The collection of tracks here are from 1983 and 1984 and can be described as the band's missing debut album.

(see picture of back cover for track listing)


The Truth came about thanks to Dennis Greaves' new vision, bringing in ex-Stowaways Mick Lister to move the music onwards with a '60s Soul vent. The two set about bringing some much-needed Modernist suss to the early and mid '80s charts.


Taking inspiration from the big Motown sound but adding a distinctive British edge, the first two singles "Confusion" and "A Step In The Right Direction" (included here) broke the Top 40.


With Dennis and Mick sharing the guitar and vocals, the backing band of fellow ex-Nine Below Zero bassist Brian Bethel, Gary Wallis on drums and Chris Skornia, giving Mick Talbot a run for his money on Hammond, they brought a post-Jam Mod crowd a new band to follow. And they did. In great numbers!


With artwork by Paul Bevoir and sleevenotes from Dave Edwards, this is a real treat for all Truth fans.

Just Can't Seem To Stop CD

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