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2020 & Beyond

So here we are , 40 years since 'Live At The Marquee' and the band are still going strong, despite the world pressing the pause button in 2020 which put the kybosh on our touring (along with everyone else's).

Now that live music is starting a slow return, we'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who attended our last tour and continues to buy merchandise and records to support us. Although things have been tough, it's certainly not all doom-and-gloom as new listeners are finding the band online and the NHS recently adopted 'Recycle Me' as an anthem to promote organ donation!

There's even a new release coming soon that'll appeal to those of you who have followed the band since the early days. We'll say no more for now but keep an eye on our social media and this site for an announcement in the coming weeks.

We're currently booking dates for next year when  you'll see the line-up from 2019's hugely successful 'Avalanche' tour back on the road, making up for lost time. Look out for our announcement of 2021 tour dates very soon, along with some very exciting Duo gigs for Dennis and Mark.

The last 6 months have been devastating to the music industry and we are thinking of everyone who's families have been affected by this virus. We can't wait to help you forget your worries with a live infusion of rhythm & blues!

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