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Back Catalogue Goes Digital


We are pleased to announce that as of Friday 8th March 2019 the entire Nine Below Zero back-catalogue released on Zed Records will be available to stream on Spotify and all other major streaming platforms. 


This means fans will once again have easy access to songs like 'Move It', 'You', 'It's Never Too Late' and the popular 'Duo' album where Dennis and Mark pay homage to the blues songs that inspired them in a stripped down acoustic setting.

What's more, this will mark the first time that the band's latest album '13 Shades Of Blue' will be available to stream in it's entirety and there will be some bonus suprises to come in the following months so keep an eye on streaming sites for some previously unreleased music!


Zed records was set up in 1997 as the band's own record label and has handled the release of every album since that date. These include:


Refrigerator (2000)

Chilled (2002)

Hat's Off (2005)

It's Never Too Late (2009)

Duo (2015)

13 Shades Of Blue (2016) 


Click on any album name above to automatically add it to your Spotify library upon release on Friday 8th March 2019.


There are a wealth of great songs to re-discover including the classic rock riffage of 'Hit The Spot' on It's Never Too Late, the huge chorus of 'Money Or The Man' on Refrigerator and an acoustic version of 'Stone Fox Chase' (Old Grey Whistle Test Theme) on 'Duo'.


Enjoy the music.



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