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Mark Feltham

Mark started playing at the age of 6 but only really seriously became interested in the harmonica in his late teens. His first musical break came when he was approached by Dennis Greaves to form Nine Below Zero in 1977. After 5 happy years the band dissolved in 1982 and Mark went into session work he then became a permanent member of the Rory Gallagher band. This lasted until 1991 when the decision was made to get Nine Below Zero back together using the talents of Gerry McAvoy and Brendan O'Neill on Bass & Drums both from Rory's band. This format lasted for 1 year Mark then decided to go back into session work and come off the road for a while. He was then enlisted back into the Rory fold where he stayed until Rory's untimely death in 1995.

After this he toured and played with Talk Talk, Oasis and Texas while still maintaining a busy studio schedule with various Film and T.V credits.

Mark then embarked on a World tour with Rock giant Zucchero through 1999 and 2000 finally he rejoined Nine Below Zero in January 2001.


Nine Below Zero: Live at the Marquee (1980); Don't Point Your Finger (1981); Third Degree (1983); On The Road Again (1991); Chilled (2002); Hats Off (2004); It's Never Too Late (2009); 13 Shades Of Blue (2016); Avalanche (2019)
The Alarm: Marchin' On (1982)
Box Of Frogs: Box of Frogs (1984)
Anthony Moore: The Only Choice (1984)
Mick Clarke: Rock Me (1985)
Rory Gallagher: Defender (1987); Fresh Evidence (1990); Etched In Blue (1992); Live In Cork (1994); Meeting With The G-Man (2003); Blue Day For The Blues (1995); Wheels Within Wheels (2003); Big Guns (2005)
Roger Daltrey: Under a Raging Moon (1985): Move Better In The Night / It Don't Satisfy Me
Dave Kelly: Lonesome Man Blues (1986)
Paul Young: The Secret of Association (1985): I Was In Chains
Joolz: Hex (1987)
Manfred Manns Earth Band: Masque (1987)
Joan Armatrading: The Shouting Stage (1988)
New Model Army: The Ghost of Cain (1986): Poison Street / Ballad; Eight (2000) Someone Like Jesus / Mixam
Talk Talk: The Colour of Spring (1986): Living In Another World; Spirit of Eden (1988); Laughing Stock (1991); London '86; Missing Pieces (2001)
Scarlet Fantastic: 24hrs (1988): Lucky Seven / Stay
Roachford: Roachford (1988): Lying Again / Nobody But You
Godley & Creme: Goodbye Blue Sky (1988)
The The: Mind Bomb (1989): Kingdom Of Rain / Good Morning Beautiful / The Beat(en) Generation / The Violence Of Truth
Deacon Blue: When the World Knows Your Name (1989)
The Truth: Jump (1989)
Nazareth: Snakes 'n' Ladders (1989)
Roger Chapman: Walking The Cat (1989)
The Adventures: Trading Secrets With the Moon (1990): Don't Blame It On The Moon
Andrew Ridgley: Son Of Albert (1990): Big Machine / Baby Jane / The Price Of Love
Frazier Chorus: Ray (1990)
Roy Harper: Once (1990): Nowhere To Run To / Once
Sunsonic: Melting Down On Motor Angel (1990): Drive Away
The Almighty: Soul Destruction (1991): Hell To Pay
Alison Limerick: And I Still Rise (1992): Trouble
Innocence: Build (1992): Looking For Someone
The Lightning Seeds: Sense (1992): Sense
Skeleton Crew: Blue Mania (1992): Mother Earth / Watch Your Step / Blues Got Me / Trail Of Tears / Mississippi Burning
Dave Allison / Phil Brown / Mark Hollis: AV Installation (1993)
Indecent Obsession: Relativity (1993)
Little Angels: Jam (1993)
Mitch Malloy: Ceilings & Walls (1993)
Billy Rain: Salad Days (1994)
Javier Paxarino / Glen Velez: Temura (1994)
O Rang: Herd Of Instinct (1994)
Sasna: Magic (1994): Higher Ground
Annie Lennox: Medusa (1995)
Atlantique: Atlantique (1995)
Londonbeat: Londonbeat (1995)
Catherine Wheel: Happy Days (1995)
Peter Smith: Together (1995)
Steve Jansen / Richard Barbieri: Stone To Flesh (1995) Mother London / Everything Ends In Darkness'
The Almighty: Just Add Life (1996)
Box Of Frogs: Strange Land (1996) Back Where I Started
Catherine Wheel: Like Cats & Dogs (1996): Wish You Were Here
Inaura: One Million Smiles (1996): Desire
Talbot & White: Off The Beaten Track (1996): Til The Cows Come Home
Terrovision: Regular Urban Survivors (1996)
Joe Cocker: Across from Midnight (1997)
Oasis: Be Here Now (1997): All Around The World
Paul Carrack: Winter Wonderland (1997): Beautiful World
PJ Proby: Legend (1997): When
Robbie Williams: Life Thru A Lens (1997): South Of The Border / Let Me Entertain You
The Everly Bros: Whistle Down The Wind (1998): Cold
Mark Hollis: Mark Hollis (1998)
Oasis: The Masterplan (1998)
Roger Chapman: Turn Unstoned (1998)
Zucchero: Bluesugar (1998)
Dido: No Angel (1999): I'm No Angel
Faultline: Closer Colder (1999): Partyline Honey
Kevin Rowland: My Beauty (1999): Rag Doll / Daydream Believer / This Guys In Love With You / I can't Tell The Bottom From The Top / Reflections Of My Life
The Robbie McIntosh Band: Emotional Bends (1999)
Spooky Tooth: Cross Purpose (1999)
Oasis: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000): Gas Panic
Michael Ball: This Time It's Personal (2000)
Micky Moody: I Eat Them For Breakfast (2000)
Robbie Macintosh: Widescreen (2000)
Robbie Williams: Sing When You're Winning (2000): Forever Texas
Texas: Greatest Hits (2000): I Don't Want A Lover / Everyday Now
Chris Shields: Sky Turn Blue (2001): Haunt Me / The Fool
Five: Kingsize (2001); C'mon C'mon
Luther Grosvenor: Floodgates Anthology (2001)
Ocean Colour Scene: Mechanical Wonder (2001)
Roger Chapman: Rollin' & Tumblin' (2001)
Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man / Tom The Model: Out of Season (2002)
Justin Sullivan: Navigating By The Stars (2003): Mi Contra Fa / Diablous In Musica
Karl Jenkins: Adiemus V: Vocalise (2003)
Mark Owen: In Your Own Time (2003)
Skin: Fleshwounds (2003)
Will Young: Friday's Child (2003)
Cactus World News: No Shelter (2004)
Zuccero: Zuccero & Co (2004)
David Charvet: Se Laisser Quelque Chose (2005)
Will Young: Keep On (2005): Switch It On
Switchfoot: Oh Gravity (2006)
Gary Moore: Close As You Get (2007); Checkin' Up On My Baby / Hard Times
Nasio Fontaine: Rise Up (2007): Universal City
Gary Fletcher: Human Spirit (2007)
Gabriella Cilmi: Lessons To Be Learned (2008) Sweet About Me
Blue Ox Babes: Apples & Oranges (2009)
Johnny Cash: Remixed (2009)
Lucas Renney: Strange Glory (2009)
Robbie Williams: In & Out of Consciousness (2010): South Of The Border / Let Me Entertain You

Bernie Marsden - Shine (2014)

Steven Wilson - To The Bone (2017)



Nine Below Zero: "Homework" (1980)
New Model Army: "Poison Street" (1987)
The Christians: "Harvest For The World" (1988)
The The: "The Beat(en) Generation" (1989)
Deacon Blue: "Love and Regret" (1989); "Wages Day" (1989)
The KLF: Justified & Ancient (1991)
The KLF: Last Train To Transcentral (1991)
Tom Jones & New Model Army: Gimme Shelter (1993)
Oasis: "Whatever" (1994); "All Around The World" (1998); Round Our Way (1995)
Mike Flowers Pops: Wonderwall (1995)
Will Young: Switch It On (2005)
Gabriella Cilmi: "Sweet About Me" (2008)

New Model Army: Live 161203 (2003)
Nine Below Zero: Bring It On Home
Nine Below Zero: On The Road Again
Nine Below Zero: Sights and Sounds Vol 1
Rory Gallagher: Live at Cork Opera House (2006)

Tootsie (1982)
Judge Dredd (1995)
Lock,Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)
The Mighty (1998)
Notting Hill (1999)
Lucky Break (2001)
Once Upon a Time in the Midlands (2002)
Sweet Home Alabama (2003)

Bears 2014


Equipment is a 1954 Fender Champ; a 1965 Fender Super Reverb reissue - black face; 1985 Fender Princeton Chorus; Peavey ValveKing.
Mark's harmonicas are by Hohner ( and crafted by Antony Dannecker (
Effects processors by ART technology
Microphones are Sennheiser E 604, Audix Fireball, Shure SM 57, Shure Green Bullet, and Astatic JT 30CF, Shure 545SD

Valves/Tubes: Mark consults with Stewart Gebbie of





Brunettes (ala Andrea Corr)



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