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Maximum R&B for 2023


After the successful 40th Anniversary tour of Third Degree, the band look forward to 2023 and more new challenges. We'd like to thank everyone who came to see the show and thank you all for your positive feedback on our social media platforms.

On the horizon is Mark and Dennis going into the studio to start work on another acoustic project. Dennis has been up in the loft and found some more treasure; lost tapes and DAT's of unheard material.

Festivals are being lined up for the summer - so far we are in St Ives, Leek, New Day in Kent, Italy, and it starts this May at the Mods Mayday Festival.

A tour to Scandinavia in September is being lined up, and a Maximum R&B tour with Dr Feelgood is to come in the Autumn.

Maximum R&B Tour Updated.jpg

All tickets for our upcoming dates are available here.


Whilst this tour falls on the latter side of this year, the initial reaction has already been incredible, with venues reporting strong sales across the board - so be sure to book as soon as you can, so you don't miss out!

Our itinerary in the meantime is constantly growing, with standalone dates and festivals being added constantly - from duo to big band and all formations in between. Be sure to check our tour dates page and social media for the latest news and updates.

So please check the tour dates, and we look forward to the continuing journey of Nine Below Zero.

All tickets for our upcoming dates are available here.

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