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New Album On The Way!



It's official. Over the next couple of months the band will be working on the first album of original songs since 'It's Never Too Late' (2011) and we can exclusively reveal that the working title of this new record is 'Avalanche'. 

Work has been underway for some time now with Dennis writing music, collaborating with songwriting partners new and old and narrowing a very long list of potential tracks down to those that might make the cut.


2016's '13 Shades Of Blue' covers album was an opportunity for the band to really immerse themselves in the blues and soul classics that moulded their own sound in the late 70's. Having studied these old tracks in detail to re-capture their essence on '13 Shades...' we were intrigued to know how that experience and working with the expanded big band would influence 'Avalanche'. 


Dennis said 'I think the new album grew from two things really. One being '13 Shades Of Blue' and the other  was putting the big band together for Glastonbury 2016 which was the perfect opportunity to showcase the new NBZ. Our last album was an experiment in stretching what the perception of the band was all about. It advanced our sound in a way that will naturally bleed into the new songs we're creating now'


Look out for 'Avalanche' on sale during the 40th Anniversary tour later this year (see here). You can be sure the new album will have something for every fan, old and new.



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