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The 'Avalanche' is upon us! The band have been slaving away at 45 RPM Studios to produce what they believe to be their strongest collection of original material yet and you can pre-order it today.


If you'd like to get hold of a signed copy of the new album, 'Avalanche', a full 2 weeks before it's official release on Fri 4th Oct, then just click HERE.


The track listing is:


1. I Wanna Be A Wannabe  (D.Greaves, Austen, S.Greaves, Willis)
2. Ter Wit Ter Woo  (Tilbrook, Greaves)
3. Race To The Bottom  (Greaves, Rand, Austen)
4. Hey Siri! (Go **** Yourself)  (D.Greaves, Willis, S.Greaves, Monks)
5. Austerity Blues  (D.Greaves, Willis, Austen, Monks, S.Greaves)
6. Roots And Wings  (Greaves, Rand, Austen)
7. Zebulon  (Greaves, Austen, Rand, Willis)
8. One Of Sour, Two Of Sweet  (Greaves, Austen, Rand, Willis, Noble)
9. Picture No Sound  (D.Greaves, Noble, Willis, S.Greaves)
10. Recycle Me  (Greaves, Austen, Willis, Rand)
11. Breadhead  (D.Greaves, Austen, Willis, S.Greaves)
12. I Drink But I Don't Get Drunk  (Greaves, Noble, Austen)




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