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                                       Thank You Glasto!


25th June 2016


We came to Worthy Farm for the first time but it felt like home thanks to the welcoming smiles of the marshalls and backstage crew. The weather almost managed to prevent us actually reaching the stage itself though.










                                                               Mud slides where roads should be


Once the mud had been tackled we made sure the van was as close to the stage as physically possible for load-out.









                                                                     NBZ breaking down barriers


We soon settled into our backstage digs and checked out some tunes from Glen Matlock as he got the crowd involved in a mass sing-along of 'God Save The Queen'.









                                                            View from backstage with bonus Mickey









                                                                            The Acoustic Stage


Come stage time we were ready to unleash our new 8-piece big band on an unsuspecting public. Once a few issues with the balance were worked out during our opener 'Don't Lay Your Funky Trip On Me' we launched into 'Homework' and it was clear our audience was not only ready for a dose of high octane blues but also growing at quite a rate.








                                                                        Have some NBZ big band!


We took them on a tour of the 35-year career of NBZ with classics like 'Don't Point Your Finger' and '11+11' sitting alongside tracks from our upcoming album 13 SHADES OF BLUE such as 'Crawling Up A Hill and 'Don't Play That Song'.











                                                                                     The Setlist


New members Charlie, Andrew, Paul and Chris did us proud and as the final chords of 'Why Don't You Try Me Tonight' rung out we made a mental note...must do this again.









                                                                                 Shiny New Horns


Thank you Glastonbury, we can't wait to see you all again as we take our show on the road this Autumn,




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