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The definitive Nine Below Zero Acoustic collection
Released Monday 19th February 2024 on double CD 
with a promotional tour throughout March 2024

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All tickets for our upcoming tour dates are available here.

It's all go here in the Nine Below camp. Not only are we announcing new tour dates for 2024 but we are thrilled to announce a new album for 2024 - and what an album it is!

DenMark is the definitive Nine Below Zero Acoustic collection, featuring 26 new songs, 13 new tracks, and another 13 some of which you may know already from the Duo and Chilled albums - but to make these special for the DenMark album, these songs have been reworked, production added and subtracted, and a new mix & master!

This album really does feature Dennis and Mark's finest acoustic offerings, with the new recordings capturing them at their expressive best.

So, we are putting this brand-new 2-CD album up for pre-sale, with an official release date of the 19th February 2024. And to give you a taster of what's to come, when you pre-order the new album, you will receive an exclusive link to download a newly recorded mixed/mastered version of 'What's Going On', one of the 26 tracks on DenMark.

Produced by Wayne Proctor and recorded at Superfly Studios, this is an alternative version not to be featured on the album - even more reason to pre-order your copy now!

All tickets for our upcoming tour dates are available here.

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